A little about me

My title at WED was that of an Imagineer Programing Tech

I first learned about WED Imagineering through a company I worked for as a computer technician.
It was one of the companies that I was assigned to as a field engineer.
I had three I supported where Disney Studios, WED (Walter E Disney)programing, and WED show programing.
I was their tech for over four years and got to know all the Imagineers in the show animation section.
Then when I decided to change jobs, my friend knew of an opening in the animatronics section.
It's funny how I supported them, and now I'm working for them as a show programmer tech.
As a Show Programming technician, I would work in the Disney Theme Parks setting up animatronics systems.
Euro-Disney was one that I spent a lot of time in.
Even animating simple figures