Euro Disney

Hotel pre opeing soap bar set

A little about this bar of Soap I was part of the opening crew of Euro-Disney. A few weeks before the grand opening, they put us up in the hotels. We help the staff get up to speed before opening day. Working long hours in the park,taking time only to eat and what little sleep before going back to work.
On my day off, after a good night of sleeping, waking up to take a long shower. I opened a new box of bath soap they placed in each room. While I was showering, I noticed something wrong with the bar of Soap. So for the next three days, I grabbed new boxes of Soap each day, putting them away Both the ones for sink and shower. What was wrong, your ask? Look at them. They All have teeth! When I saw the VP (Orlando ) and gave him one of the boxes, asking him, "when did Mickey have teeth." (not going to give his reply) Two days later, they pulled all the boxes of Soap and replaced Mickey with a smile only. Orlando informed me "In France, everything Mickey Mouse is made with teeth" I still have this one-of-a-kind set of these amenities.